2.1. Types of focus

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Key takeaways

  1. We need to improve 2 things: 1. Getting into focus 2. Staying focused.
  2. Focus tells your brain what really matters NOW. It’s like a spotlight - filters a few bits of information among millions available.
  3. Without focus, brain has problems with creating memories, learning and re-wiring itself.
  4. We have task-oriented focus (to complete a task), sensory focus (here & now mode), and strategic focus (more long-term, covered by Step 3 of 4SP).
  5. When not focused, our mind wanders. This seems crucial for creating new connections and insights.
  6. Distracted state kills all types of focus and also kills mind wandering.
  7. Distractions can be divided into internal (happen inside you - thoughts, emotions) and external (outside your body) - under or not under your control.

Exercise for this lesson

Write down how much time you spend in task-oriented focus, sensory focus, and mind wandering. Is that proportion the way you would like it to be? And if not, what would be your ideal balance?

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