2.2. Universal method for learning

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Key takeaways

  1. Remember the Pareto Principle: 20% of the effort will give you 80% results.
  2. Opportunities are not equal. Some will give you ten times more results than others. This is why frequent experimenting is so important.
  3. Kolb’s cycle - Experience → Reflection → Knowledge → Experiment → another Experience.
  4. With easy access to information, we can go Experience → Knowledge and not truly learn. True learning takes Experimenting and Reflecting.
  5. The Reflection part is crucial, and it is what makes us humans.
  6. With experimenting, reflection and quantity are what matters. Gather real-life data rather than idealistic theories.
  7. While taking this course, isolate the most important issue, focus on it, experiment, and come back for more when you are ready.

Exercise for this lesson

For just 5 minutes, reflect on your biggest issue with focus. What experiment could you run for the next week or two? When are you going directly from Experience to Knowledge without Reflecting?

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